Praise for the Allergy Superheroes Blog

Every now and then you find a site that is as enjoyable as it is informative, which is why we like Allergy Superheroes. Aside from their business selling fun allergy gear based on their superhero and villain comic book characters, Eileen and Dean Rhoadarmer’s site features a terrific blog that covers all things food allergy related, including news, recipes, lifestyle tips, opinion pieces, product reviews, and giveaways. It’s all there, written in a friendly, engaging style that makes you feel much more like you’ve stopped by a neighbor’s house for coffee than to read the latest on keeping your family safe and well fed.

–Dave Bloom, Snack Safely

I just found your blog, and I am so grateful. This could be the first thing I’ve read online that makes me feel hopeful about my daughter’s future with food allergies. My name is Margot, and I have one child. She’s 8 and we’ve known about her allergies since she was a year old. She’s currently allergic to all dairy, soy, nuts (all–peanuts, tree nuts, even coconuts), all fish (fin fish, all shellfish).

As you might imagine, we now take strict avoidance really seriously. I don’t think I would have handled this lifestyle at her age as well as she does. And I wonder what her life will be like as an adult. I hope she is as well adjusted to this as you seem to be on your blog. (Okay, I actually hope she outgrows everything, but . . . .)

Thank you for your blog. It’s awesome.

–Margot in Houston


For two years in a row, I’ve been honored to see my blog in the Top 40 Food Allergy Blogs according to Feedspot

Top 40 Food Allergy Blog Award Winner for Allergy Superheroes

#24 in 2018, moving my way up! See my blog post about it here


#30 in 2017, not a bad place to start! See my blog post about it here

Allergy Superheroes is in the Top 40 Food Allergy Blogs from Feedspot!

I also received #70 on Yum of China’s list of Top Food Blogs

Allergy Superheroes blog is in the Top Food Blogs from Yum of China

Allergy Superheroes blog is in the Top Food Blogs from Yum of China

I was honored to receive the community-granted award The Brotherhood of the World Blog Award from Tracy Bush Nutrimom. Click here to read my post on the subject.

Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award Food Allergy Superheroes

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