Halloween recap

Happy November!

I hope everybody had a safe and enjoyable Halloween!  Ours was jam-packed!  Between the last two weekends, we trick-or-treated four times:  at our rec center, Boo at the Zoo, at Zax’s school, and then in our neighborhood.  Talk about candy overload!  Even after removing all of the unsafe and unlabeled items, we still have a lot of whittling down to do before making the trip to a local dentist to sell back some candy.

As I’d sort of expected, our teal pumpkin didn’t get much notice in our neighborhood–although it may have gotten more if we’d been home longer to hand out treats.  We’re definitely doing it again next year, regardless!

My parents didn’t have a teal pumpkin, but they did have the sign, and they thought it needs to be reworded next year.  Parents understood it, but they had a lot of kids think the sign meant there was no candy at their house.

We had a fun time, and everybody stayed safe.  Time to breathe for a few days, and then start packing up the Halloween decorations to prepare for the next big holiday.  This is such a busy time of year!





How was your Halloween?  What did you do, and how did you keep your children safe?


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