National Pumpkin Day!

Did you know that today is National Pumpkin Day? Well it is, so Happy National Pumpkin Day!Teal Pumpkin and Logo Pumpkin | Allergy Superheroes


I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this day is so close to Halloween. I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone that teal pumpkins are now a major part of Halloween for families with food allergies, kids with other food-related restrictions, and the people who love them. Here’s how it works:

  1. teal-pumpkin-candy-bucket-for-handing-out-non-food-treats-close-food-allergy-superheroesYou purchase some non-food novelty treats to hand out for Halloween. (You don’t have to eliminate candy, just have these in addition.)
  2. You paint a pumpkin teal (or buy one that is now available from a store) OR put out a sign indicating that you have the non-food treats. Or both!
  3. You hand out the non-food treats to any child who requests them or recognizes your teal pumpkins, or better yet, give all children a choice between food and non-food treats!
  4. Keep your non-food treats in a separate container, like our Teal Pumpkin Candy Bucket, in order to prevent contamination from any poorly-wrapped candies.
  5. You make kids who might not usually get to participate fully in Halloween very, very happy!

I hope you’re all participating this year!

We love pumpkins in general around here, so here are a few pumpkin pictures from our house:


The “giant” pumpkins I successfully got to grow in my yard this year!

Bringing Allergy Friendliness to a school function! | Allergy Superheroes

The boys decorating pumpkins at our school’s Harvest Festival

Bringing Allergy Friendliness to a school function! | Allergy Superheroes


Here are the giant pumpkins again, with the boys for scale!


And lastly, National Pumpkin Day wouldn’t be complete without eating and/or drinking something pumpkin-flavored! Here are all of my pumpkin recipes, together for easy reference!

Happy National Pumpkin Day! Are you ready for Halloween?


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