Food Allergy Day Trip Breckenridge

Cold. I’m not a huge fan of the cold, which is kind of funny being that I live in Colorado. But we’re also one of the sunniest states, which I enjoy. My parents invited our family up to the mountains to see the annual snow sculptures. Besides dealing with the cold we have food allergies. However, we had a successful food allergy day trip to Breckenridge!

Welcome to the Breckenridge Snow Sculptures by food Allergy Superheroes

We’ve been up there for their annual event a few times before and the boys always have a great time. It’s pretty amazing what teams of professional snow sculptors can create out of 12-foot square, 25-ton block of snow.

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture blank snow block by food Allergy Superheroes

Besides the traffic getting there (getting worse each year) and trying to find a parking space around downtown Breckenridge (never easy), a food allergy family has to deal with finding a safe place to eat. Now we have our usual safe restaurants that we eat at around town (and rate at and so should you!), but it’s certainly a challenge when you’re away from your usual element.

We’ve done pretty well so far, but this year was a lot easier. My parents got a timeshare for the weekend and we had lunch and dinner there. Since there was a full kitchen, we had safe meals prepared by family who “gets it” and wants to keep their grand-kids safe.

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture trees by food Allergy Superheroes

I didn’t think to get any pictures of the unit/dinner, I was too busy thawing out and eating. But here are a few pictures of my favorite snow sculptures!

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture dragon by food Allergy Superheroes   

They typically have a fun snow slide for the kids (and adults too)! This one was fast because the slide was basically ice when we got there.

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture family by food Allergy Superheroes   

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture fishing by food Allergy Superheroes   Breckenridge Snow Sculpture time by food Allergy Superheroes

   Breckenridge Snow Sculpture monkey by food Allergy Superheroes

Breckenridge Snow Sculpture crash by food Allergy Superheroes

They don’t always make it.

It certainly makes dealing with food allergies a lot easier when you have a safe home base to go back to. Have you had a successful food allergy day trip to Breckenridge or someplace else? Let us know in the comments below!


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