It’s November, friends!

The month in which we prepare for our one remaining non-commercialized holiday–a day to relax with family and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

Thanksgiving can be rife with difficulty for food allergy families, and I’ll be addressing some of those difficulties in upcoming posts. But for now, I want to spread positivity by providing a space for food allergy families to express all of the things they are thankful for–particularly those specific to food allergies.

Is it the fact that your mother-in-law always brings something special and safe for your child? The fact that your daughter now self-carries? The fact that you counted 16 teal pumpkin houses on Halloween?

Share your thanks using #MyTealThanks across social media all through the month of November–and beyond!

#MyTealThanks for spreading Food Allergy Positivity Allergy Superheroes

How it works:

Throughout the month of November, share your positive stories, tips, tidbits, and anecdotes about your life with food allergies using the hashtag #MyTealThanks. Post here in the comments, on Twitter or Instagram, or join the conversation on our new #MyTealThanks Facebook Group–a brand new place for sharing the positive side of food allergies! If pictures or videos help tell your story, then share those too!

Twice a week we’ll pick a few that stand out and share them in our #MyTealThanks cornucopia. We, or one of our children, will read them in a video we’ll share with the group, on our social media, and on YouTube. Our hope is to fill our hearts with positive stories, and to fill yours, too. We’d love to fill the Internet with Food Allergy Positivity in this month of thankfulness!

#MyTealThanks for spreading Food Allergy Positivity Allergy Superheroes


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