Flu Shots

This will be short today.  As I mentioned Wednesday, Zax was hospitalized for the flu. He’s much better now, and has his normal energy level back except for bedtime.  I caught the flu myself–even though everyone entering his room was required to wear masks and gloves, I was already doomed (after laying in bed with him before realizing he needed to go to the hospital, carrying him face-to-face from the parking garage to the ER, holding him close while he got an IV and an epinephrine injection…)

Click the link to the left, or in the “Allergy Superheroes”
tab at the top, to order one of these for your little
peanut-allergic superhero!

My doc ordered me Tamiflu right away, just based on my personal exposure, so I think I’m ducking the worst of it (not to mention I had whatever partial immunity I was still supposed to get from my flu shot), but I’m still tired from launching our Peanut Allergy Slap Bracelets and taking care of kids who are full of energy (one of whom was supposed to be in school, but can’t be because he might still be contagious.)

So I’m just going to share more pictures from Zax’s stay in the hospital, and spread the message to GET A FLU SHOT! Even this year, when they say the virus has mutated, it can still offer partial immunity to most people.  We tend to write off the flu as being a minor ailment, but I’ve now experienced firsthand how scary it can be.  Don’t assume it will be minor for you or your children.  Get immunized!  The flu is not worth the risk!

In the ER, getting breathing treatments
After treatments made him feel a little better
Next morning, still not much interest in anything
Using the “Shaky shaky,” a device that vibrated his
chest to loosen congestion
Finally allowed to take a walk!
Feeling much better by the end, and discovering just how much
fun it is to play with a hospital bed


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