Crayon Cupcake Valentines!

We had a lot of fun making our Valentines this year!  We decided to make them allergy friendly, and so we hauled out an old favorite craft–the Crayon Cupcake!

This is also a great way to get rid of old, broken crayons (of which we had almost a full bucket.) I removed the wrappers, and the boys helped break/cut the crayon pieces into small chunks.

(If you want to make sure your craft is also corn-free, you’ll need to wash the crayons after removing the wrapper, as corn is used on the glue that holds the wrappers in place. Cheaper crayons (and restaurant crayons) may also use corn wax in the crayons themselves, so you should probably stick to Crayola (or call the crayon manufacturers) for a guaranteed corn-free craft.)

After the crayons are peeled and broken, place the pieces in cupcake liners.  (It was pajama day, in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

Bake in a 250 degree oven for 10-15 minutes.  Start checking at 10, and remove them as soon as there are no more crayon chunks visible.

Allow them to sit until cool and solid again.

Then you can remove the liners.

Aren’t they pretty?
I cut out hearts using my Silhouette machine, with the expression “You color my world!” printed on the side.
Then the boys helped me attach the crayons to the hearts.  I tried to use Glue Dots but they weren’t strong enough, so we used a small dollop of hot glue.  It wasn’t hot enough to re-melt the crayons.
On Kal’s valentines I pre-printed his name (not shown), but Zax personalized his hearts after we took these pictures.
Some of the wax will melt through the liners onto your muffin pan.  You can use a disposable one if you wish, but it is possible to clean the pan up again.  Just heat the pan again for a few minutes on low heat, wipe out the wax with a paper towel, and then wash.  Repeat as necessary.

So there you have it!  Allergy free valentines that still allow your child to bring a fun treat to share with his/her class!

I’m happily sharing this Valentine Craft with Allergy Free Wednesdays, Gluten Free Fridays, and Corn-free Everyday


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