Crockpot Ham and Bean Soup

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Warming, rich and tasty, this Crockpot Ham and Bean soup tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen. But with the magic of a slow cooker, you don’t have to!

Bowl of soup with tortilla chips and onion garnish from an angle | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Today’s recipe is a variation on this recipe I posted back in November. We had the end of a ham in the freezer and I wanted to make soup, but it’s summer and I didn’t want to heat up the house. So I decided to try it in the crock pot! I consulted google and decided that yes, making stock in a crock pot would work and yes, you can cook beans in a crock pot too, so I gave it a whirl.

It turned out great! And while this recipe still calls for a lot of chopping, it was relatively easy, too! It worked great for me as an overnight recipe, because my stock was cooking while my beans soaked. It could be done in one day if you cook it on high and do a quick-soak for the beans. This recipe does take a while, but most of it is down time–your work comes at the beginning and then again in the middle.

Bowl of soup with tortilla chips and onion garnish | by Food Allergy Superheroes

The best thing about this soup is that it is top 8 free! It’s corn and seed free too!

Chopped carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and herbs in front of crockpot | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Ham bone, veggies, and herbs in crockpot with water poured over them | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Place all stock ingredients in your crock pot and cover with cold water. Set crock pot to low and allow to simmer overnight, or do it on high for several hours.

Ham and veggie broth after stewing in a crockpot | by Food Allergy Superheroes

I chose the overnight method, and the house smelled lovely when we woke up the next morning!

Black beans soaking in a pot of water | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Also make sure you soak your beans! After sorting, cover them by several inches with cold water and allow them to sit overnight.

Taste your soup before you’re ready to move on. If any of the flavors seem weak, you can increase the heat and leave them in for a while longer.

Ham and broth veggies removed with broth remaining in crockpot | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Strain the stock. I did this by dipping a strainer into the pot and pulling out everything solid.

Ham shredded and ready to be returned to the soup | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Remove the meat from the bone and shred into bite-sized pieces (or simply shred, if there is no bone.) Remove skin and fat as well. Return the meat to the crock pot.

Black beans being rinsed in a colander | by Food Allergy Superheroes

About six hours before you’d like to eat (or three if you’d rather cook it on high), drain your beans and discard the soaking water.

Black beans being poured from colander into crockpot of soup | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Then add the beans to the crock pot with the stock and ham. Cook for six hours on low or three hours on high (these times are highly flexible.)

Chopped onions on wooden cutting board and a leek ready to be chopped | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Cut off the root and and green stem of the leek (it should be about 5 inches long.)

Chopped onions and chopped leek on wooden cutting board | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Wash it, then cut on diagonal into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Prep your other onions now, too.

Sauteed onions in a frying pan with wooden spoon | by Food Allergy Superheroes

About 15 minutes before serving, heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat. When hot, sautee leek, onion, and garlic for about five minutes, until they’re slightly browned.

Onions being added from frying pan into crockpot of ham and bean soup | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Add the leek/onions to the crock pot along with the salt and brown sugar. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

Serve soup topped with chopped onions and tortilla chips, if desired.

CrockPot of soup with tortilla chips and onion garnish ready to be used | by Food Allergy Superheroes

I’m really not a big fan of beans, but this soup never ceases to amaze me! In fact, typing it up makes me want to go sneak a few spoonfuls of leftovers from the fridge! I’m glad it worked out in the crock pot and will definitely be making it this way again!

Bowl of soup with tortilla chips and onion garnish from above | by Food Allergy Superheroes

What’s your favorite soup?

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CrockPot Ham and Bean Soup with tortilla chips and onion garnish | by Food Allergy Superheroes

Updated 3/8/19 with recipe card and better pictures!


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