Egg-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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It’s the return of Allergy Superheroes Allergy-Friendly Recipes! And what tastier way to return than with a timeless classic and family favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies | Food Allergy Superheroes

I have to tell you guys, I have not been feeling the cooking/baking mojo for a long time. Not just 2020, but for a few years. I think it has to do with overall life stresses, and these things got pushed to the back burner of my mind–pun intended.

I have continued to cook of course. After all, the family has to eat. However, I have fallen back on familiar and easy meals for quite a long time now. And for desserts lately, we have been sticking to candy, ice cream, and other things we have on hand.

But I will also tell you that I have missed it! Despite not feeling motivated to make more complex dishes, I also felt a small sense of loss by not doing so. I enjoy creating things in the kitchen. The time commitment drives me batty sometimes, but I still enjoy it. Which is why I’m excited to announce that I have been getting back into the groove!

I have been amassing recipes for a little while now. I didn’t want to just post one recipe and then stop again for months. So I gathered a stockpile to draw from while I get back in the habit of making new things AND blogging about them.

I’m so excited for this to be the first recipe I post in my newest wave! I know it can be extremely difficult for people new to a food allergy diagnosis to re-learn how to feed their families. That’s why I love sharing my allergy-friendly favorites, and teaching people that cooking and baking doesn’t have to be intimidating. At least, not very intimidating 😉

I grew up with this chocolate chip cookie recipe, although my mom and I have made changes along the way. The most striking change was when Zax was diagnosed with his egg allergy and I had to substitute eggs.

Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies on baking sheet | Food Allergy Superheroes

There’s just something about a soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie that feels like home. It’s the ultimate in comfort food. This was my favorite dessert as a child. Sometimes my Mom would even have them ready for an after-school snack. She would time her batches so that one tray came out of the oven right when my friends and I arrived. That way we could eat those warm, delicious cookies with the chocolate still melted.

I love making this recipe allergy-safe for us and treating my sons to the same sensation. Cookies fresh from the oven are the best!

Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies | Food Allergy Superheroes

Yummy Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies | Food Allergy Superheroes

While more mainstream chocolate chips may work or be safe for you, we like to support allergy-friendly companies. Our favorite is Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips. We also like the new(ish) Simple Truth Organic Vegan Chocolate Chips. They’re more widely available in our area.

Simple Truth Organic vegan chocolate chips with Cookies | Food Allergy Superheroes

And if you like chocolate chip cookies, try some of my other varieties, like Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies or Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies!


3 thoughts on “Egg-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. It makes me glad to know I provided you with some happy cookie memories. I loved and still love making these cookies…though I will have to try using aquafaba. And to think I let the liquid from a can of great northern beans go down the drain just yesterday!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I wasn’t familiar with aquafaba so I looked it up and saw that it is made from legumes (usually chickpeas). My son has an egg and peanut allergy and has also started reacting to other legumes (because of the severity of his peanut allergy). So, unfortunately, this recipe won’t work for us. Just wanted to share as some kids with peanut allergy can’t have legumes.

    1. Elle, that’s true and you can use 2 eggs worth of your favorite egg replacer in place of the aquafaba. I’m sorry your son is cross-reacting to other legumes, and I hope you’re aware that many with peanut allergies are advised against eating the new “fake meats” (Beyond, Impossible) for this very reason. Best wishes!

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