Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I needed a dessert to bring to our Father’s Day barbecue at my parents’ house last weekend, but I completely failed to plan ahead this year. With only an hour before we had to leave, I stared into the pantry until I decided to combine a few cookie recipes and add Sunbutter for good measure. I was so rushed, I only baked two trays and popped the rest of the batter into the fridge. We took off without even sampling one!

I was hoping that they would taste good, and that our picky kids would eat them. So even though I cringed at the sugar rush, I was gratified to see my kiddos pack away four cookies apiece before we stopped them from eating everything! The grown-ups in attendance all enjoyed them too–albeit it at a more leisurely pace!

Scrumptious Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Cream butter, sugars, sunbutter, egg substitute, and vanilla in the bowl of your mixer.Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 2

Gradually add the dry ingredients until batter is well-incorporated. If you’re using a stand mixer, I’ve learned to pulse it on and off until the flour gets moistened, and then turn it on full. If you just turn it on right away, you’ll end up kicking flour all over your counter (and yourself!)Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 3

Add the chocolate chips and mix just until they are evenly distributed.Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 4

Pull out spoonfuls and form into balls on a cookie sheet. Feel free to sample your batter, as it is egg-free and free of salmonella!Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 5

Bake at 350 degrees for about 9 1/2 minutes. Allow them to cool and eat a few before your kids devour them all!Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 6

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7 thoughts on “Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I made these tonight with two adaptations. I used gluten free all purpose flour and a free range egg. It’s been almost two years since I’ve had anything near a peanut butter cookie! They are really good!!!

    1. I’m glad you liked them, and that they worked well with your flour. It’s been nearly a year since we had them, time to make more! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I made these a few days ago and they are great! The only issue is that they appear bright green on the inside (the outside is still tan)! They taste perfectly fine but look a little strange. Any ideas?

    1. That’s a chemical reaction that does happen when you bake with Sunbutter, and I can’t seem to predict how much it will happen. I don’t think I’ve seen much green in these cookies, but there was a lot in my Sunbutter Jelly Cookie Bars the last time I made them. This is what Sunbutter’s FAQs say on the subject:

      My cookies turned green, what happened?
      When substituting SunButter in your existing recipe, you may have to reduce the baking soda/powder by about one-third. The chlorogenic acid (chlorophyll) in sunflower seeds reacts with the baking soda/powder when baked, causing the green color when the cookies cool. This is completely harmless! Depending on the recipe, a splash of lemon juice may also help.

      Funny, I knew the green happened but didn’t realize they had a suggestion until I just looked it up, so maybe I’ll try that next time! Glad you liked the cookies!

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