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Breakfast. I love it. I really love starting our morning off with a nice, big breakfast. Sunday’s around here are known as Pancake Day. It’s a nice treat to make something more fun and a little more time consuming for a lazy Sunday morning.

Once in a while I’ll make waffles to mix it up a bit. One thing I have always wanted to try for my kids is French toast. There’s just something about the thick bread coated in an egg mixture and covered in syrup and powdered sugar that sends my taste buds tingling.

VeganEgg French toast recipe by Food Allergy Superheroes Egg free

But the problem is, my oldest son is allergic to egg and you can’t  just take any egg replacer and make French toast out of it. In fact, when I was first learning about egg substitutions and we started using Ener-G, I asked if we could use that in French toast. My wife laughed a little and said “no.”

I’ve seen recipes trying to circumvent that such as using a banana mixture, but he’s not that fond of bananas anymore and I wanted something that was going to be more like real French toast. Enter VeganEgg.

VeganEgg French toast recipe box by Food Allergy Superheroes Egg Free

Check out my review of VeganEgg here. VeganEgg is more than an egg replacer, it actually resembles an egg, and not something you just substitute with for baking. I was excited when using it for the first time thinking it might work for French toast.

Whisking up the ingredients together, you can tell right away that it looks a lot like a regular French toast mixture made with eggs.

I was surprised at how much it looked and acted like the usual egg variety. Everything blended together nicely and I’m not sure that I would be able to tell the difference between the VeganEgg on the griddle vs. the egg type.

VeganEgg French toast recipe griddle by Food Allergy Superheroes Egg Free

Even the finished product looked like French toast. So it looked like French toast, but how did it taste?

Everybody loved this! Even our two kids thought it was delicious and wanted more. It was a nice treat for them to enjoy a new dish and an old favorite of mine. We’ll be making this again.

If you try VeganEgg French toast, let me know how it turned out! What’s your favorite egg free French toast recipe?


4 thoughts on “VeganEgg French Toast

    1. We use VeganEgg for an egg allergy, and yes, we did use regular milk for our French Toast, but it would work equally well with a plant-based milk for vegans or a dairy allergy.

  1. I have the VeganEgg amd had the same Your recipe is It has the same taste and chew and non vegan french toast. Thank you for taking the time to share such a warm and delicious recipe

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