Grilled S’Mores Burritos

This recipe is in our lives because of Hubby. He found it in some sort of parenting magazine while waiting to get his hair cut a few years ago, and he decided to surprise us with it. It was a hit, of course! (That’s probably a given any time chocolate chips and marshmallows are involved.)

We like to do this for dessert on warm summer evenings when we’ve already grilled and are eating dinner outside. It’s a fun summer tradition!

Grilled S’Mores Burritos


  • Soft tortillas (one per family member, or split one between two people if you want a smaller portion or you have littler kids)
  • Graham crackers
  • Chocolate chips
  • Mini marshmallows


The allergens in this recipe will vary greatly depending on what brands of products you use. I don’t personally know if any soft gluten-free tortillas exist, but if they do, definitely use them! I know you can get gluten-free graham crackers, but sometimes that reintroduces other allergens (like egg.) Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips would obviously remove all of the big 8 from the chocolate, and different types of marshmallows will have different allergens, so make sure you select safe ingredients for you.

With the ingredients we used, this recipe contained wheat and soy.


Cut squares of foil slightly larger than your tortillas, and set a tortilla on each.

Crumble a graham cracker in the center of each tortilla.

Add a handful of marshmallows to each…

…and then a handful of chocolate chips.

These look pretty full. I confess I was surprised that Hubby offered a full one to each of our kiddos. I was even more surprised that Zax managed to put all of his away. Sugar overload!

Roll the tortillas up like burritos and wrap them tightly in the foil.


Cook the burritos on a medium grill for about 10-15 minutes, or until the chocolate chips and marshmallows are melted.

Serve and enjoy!

Please ignore the boys’ shaggy hair, I hadn’t cut it all summer.


S’mores bliss!

What have you cooked on your grill recently?

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