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This is a drink I invented about eight months ago. I’d been thinking about all the foods, drinks, and nutrients “they” say you should consume every day, and how impossible it would be to come even close to the daily quota for most—much less trying to do ALL of them!

I started wondering how many “super nutrients” could be combined into one beverage, in order to maximize its punch and also minimize the space it takes up in my stomach. After some experimentation, this tea was born!

Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 01Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 02

Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 03Why Green Tea? I decided on this as a base for my tea because it’s packed with antioxidants that are good for the heart, brain, and may even fight cancer!





Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 04Why Turmeric? Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that has been used medicinally for thousands of years. While scientific studies are trying to confirm all of its purported uses, it seems to have a positive effect on many inflammatory diseases.


Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 05Why Cayenne Pepper? Cayenne Pepper is another substance lacking a huge number of scientific studies, but evidence suggests it can help digestion, circulation, and works for pain relief.



Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 06Why Cocoa Powder? I discovered the health benefits of cocoa about a year and a half ago, when my younger son Kal was having horrible asthma all winter. Desperate despite numerous inhaled medicines, I searched to see if there was anything I could add to his diet to increase lung function, and came across cocoa powder. This is the healthiest part of chocolate–it is by adding lots of sugar and fat that chocolate becomes bad for us. The cocoa powder by itself is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids, which can have a positive impact on many parts of the body, including the lungs. Cocoa also contains theophylline, a compound that is actually used to treat asthma.

Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 07Why a sweetener? Because all this stuff is BITTER! But remember, you aren’t trying to make this drink taste sweet, you just want it to be tolerable to drink. If you make a habit of drinking this, like I have, you won’t need as much sweetener as time goes on, because you’ll get accustomed to the taste. I’ll even drink it without any sugar from time to time. I’ve also been able to increase the amounts I’ve added–I started with 1/4 tsp turmeric and am up to about 1/2 tsp, and my “heaping” spoons of cocoa powder have gotten bigger, too.

Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes 08I had a hard time deciding what to call this creation, because I can’t help but think of it as “My Hippie Drink.” Or maybe “Eileen’s Healing Tonic,” which, of course, brings snake oil to mind. It’s just such a bizarre concoction, with no fast payoff. This is definitely an investment in long-term health and not something that’s going to make a quick difference. After all, you’ll never know whether you prevented cancer or just never would have gotten it.

However, I have noticed one health benefit already: my Peak Flow.

Cocoa Turmeric Tea recipe Food Allergy Superheroes Peak Flow 11Before I began drinking this regularly, my average peak flow was between 350 and 400 every night. Within a few weeks of drinking this, it jumped up to roughly 400-440 on average (when well.) This is the primary reason why I kept drinking it, because I figured it was helping my poor, asthmatic lungs. It seems to be doing even more for the long-term too, because just a few weeks ago I started hitting 460, 470, and 480 on a regular basis, so my peak flow seems to have gone up again. I’m now trying to think if there’s any way I can convince my children to drink this on a regular basis!

Please remember that I am not a doctor and can’t guarantee that this will help you in any way. But if you’re looking to increase your nutrients in one vibrantly-colored cup, this is a good place to start!

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p.s. Don’t spill this on anything! The cocoa will wash out–the turmeric will not! (ask me how I know.)

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