Allergy Friendly Fajitas

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Mexican restaurants can be intimidating when there’s a language barrier, but these Allergy-Friendly Fajitas take the food allergy fear out of Mexican food! Dine tonight on something healthy and delicious!

I used to make a fajita recipe that used Lipton Dry Onion Soup Mix, but then one day I went to make them and discovered I was out. Not to worry though, because mixing up your own fajita seasonings is easy to do, with spices you probably already have on hand. Plus, there are no extra fillers, preservatives, or chemicals in the totally-from-scratch version!

The veggies for fajitas are so pretty!


You’ll want to mix up your seasonings to ensure even distribution. (If you have a corn allergy but are okay with wheat/gluten, use flour instead of cornstarch. If you can’t have either, try another starch or your favorite thickener.)


It doesn’t take long to make this meal once everything is prepped!


You can substitute other meats for the chicken, or even make these vegetarian, depending on your tastes. Just tweak the meat and broth ingredients.


Making these fajitas safe for your food allergies is easy, not to mention delicious! And don’t forget to pair these Allergy-Friendly Fajitas with my Fiesta Rice to complete your meal.

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